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Frequently Asked Questions

I've paid via bitcoin and 6 confirmations has been made, however my account is still deactivated ?

Sometimes, depending of blockchain latency and backend processes, the payment validation take more that 1-3 hour. If it's the case for your payment, please be patient : when long-time confirmed payment reach our notification system and access to VPN are still not activated, an administrator will manually active your account.

Is an official app planned ?

No. As this website is already a configuration generation app that is the only thing really needed in order to use available free and open-source VPN software as OpenVPN.

What VPN software do we recommend ?

We recommend the use of OpenVPN because it's a free, open-source and community-driven solution. We do not recommend the use of any kind of VPN providers official app because it's most of the time non-free and if it's free you will require to manually audit the code to review potential privacy concerns : the advantage of OpenVPN is that this work is already done by developers/users community.

How about mobile ?

For android based devices, we highly recommend the use of OpenVPN for Android™ as it's the more compatible and easy to install & configure solution. Others openvpn's implementation exists which are official or non-official but we do not offer support for it, even if our configuration files are supposed to be fully compatible most of the time.

For iOS based devices, we recommend OpenVPN for iOS if available.

What payment ways do we support ?

Currently we support only payment via PayPal and BitPay. Credit card payments are supported through PayPal (with or without a registered account). We will do our best to add support for others payment gateways in a near future.

Also note that we support both Bitcoin and Bitcoin-cash currencies via BitPay.

[We also work for our own payment feature that will allow you to directly send bitcoins (BTC or BCH) to us without the need of a third-party service. This will arrive soon...]

Others platform that are planned to be supported : Stripe, WePay, PaySafeCard payments, CoinPayments.

Are the payment safe ?

The payment platforms provided are secured and respect electronic payments standards. However (as we state on the section 6.5 of our terms), you have to understand that we can't guarantee your payment privacy to be respected through theses platforms, since we're not operate them.

How to know my IP address ?

You can use our IP responder to print your current IP address.

Alternatively, if you don't want to use a browser you can use cURL or wget on the command line :
curl https://unikorn.app/ipecho
wget https://unikorn.app/ipecho

How to contact us if there is something wrong ?

It may happen that things don't go as we intended. If there are such situations that you cannot resolve yourself, please feel free to contact us by using our mail on contact page and encrypt your communications with PGP. You can also try to contact us on the social networks/forums page we are officially present if there are no sensitive information regarding your issue.

Why 'Unikorn' ?

According to Wikipedia, an unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large pointed, spiraled horn on its forehead' which could be captured only by a virgin. The unicorn also represents duality and equity between the right and wrong and is capable to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness.