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Token-based VPN

You don't need to remember a user/password pair as the service works only with the generated token that you should note.


We have a strict no log policy to ensure that we have no way to deliberately or accidentally disclose your network usage.

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Anonymous Subscription

You don't need to give an email to open your account, which means no email confirmation steps required and no traceable information. If you really need to contact us privately, your can use disposable email and encrypt your messages using PGP.

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Instant Delivery

You get instant access and you can connect to any server we provide as soon as the payment process is confirmed.

No Fingerprinting

We don't use tracking code as javascript or other user-agent detection feature. Even cookies are not necessary to use the whole website.

Cross-platform Support

Compatible with all devices that supports VPN standards or alternate VPN software installation with one unified configuration file.

High-level Encryption

We respect current high-level encryption standards to provide maximum security for connection and or authentication to our services. Our VPN network uses AES-256-CBC cipher as a minimum encryption policy.

Multiple Locations

Connect from everywhere in the world to many locations and end-points. We are adding new locations every day.

Competitive Plans

We have low price priority in mind. As we are aware that VPN become mandatory & necessary for a free, independent and neutral Internet space.

Unlimited Devices

You can connect as many devices you want with a single account. You don't need to register for each new computer or smartphone device that you want to connect.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We guarantee that we do not monitor your bandwidth usage so you can transfer unlimited amount of data (either downloading or uploading) during your subscription period.

Bitcoin Accepted

We support multiple payment ways and bitcoin network too (both BTC or BCH).