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Install OpenVPN on Windows


by Unikorn Admin.

Difficulty: Novice

1. Install

Go to OpenVPN Download Page :

You should see an item called "Windows installer", double-click on openvpn-install-x.x.x-iXXX.exe and download it.

Note: Replace the 'x.x.x' by current version. At this time, the version is 2.4.6-i602.
Note: Be sure to select a file beginning with 'openvpn-install...', the others files are source code archives. You can't install them without a development environment.

Double-click on the downloaded file:


Accept the security message by answering 'Yes':

UAC Security Message

click Next, I Agree then Be sure to leave at least 'TAP virtual Ethernet Adapter' and 'OpenVPN GUI' selected then click Next In the next step choose the installation directory Then click 'Install'.

OpenVPN Install Wizard

When installation is finished you can close the window and start OpenVPN GUI by double-clicking the desktop icon:


2. Configure

You should now see a little icon showing a screen with a lock in the Task Bar. Right-click on it to show the OpenVPN GUI menu:

OpenVPN Task Bar

Click on Import a file and browse to the previously downloaded configuration file.

Important Note: The configuration file must have the extension '*.ovpn' in order to make it available for OpenVPN GUI.
If you have a file with the extension '*.conf' it's generally safe to just edit the file extension to '*.ovpn'.
Tip: You can change the configuration filename as you wish, it's doesn't matter for the OpenVPN configuration itself.
Furthermore, you can edit the configuration files directly by opening it in any text editor.
Tip: Instead of importing a file through the GUI, you can directly put all your configuration files in some permanent places:

C:\Document and Settings\%USERNAME%\OpenVPN\config on Windows XP.
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\OpenVPN\config on Windows Vista/7/8/10.
C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.

3. Use

Now you have configured OpenVPN, go back to the Task bar icon and now select 'Connect':


If you have multiple configurations, they will appear in a list (OpenVPN GUI supports only 50 files at the same time). Select the desired VPN configuration, then click Connect:

Multiple Connect

A log window will appear and ask you for authentication with the remote server:

You need to enter your Token number as username, and VPN Pass as password to be able to connect our VPN servers:


Let the connection process do its work, when it has finished the log windows will automatically close and the OpenVPN GUI icon in the Task Bar will turn green. If there is something wrong, it will turn yellow: In such cases, look at the log window to see error messages that can tell you what went wrong (authentication failure, bad password, or no internet connectivity).

If you repeatedly have difficulties to reach our servers, go to the Servers page first to check for the server status: If maintenance or overload is shown, don't retry and select another server. If connection issues persist, please send a notification at support@unikorn.app by telling which servers are affected.